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Related article: Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 20:58:30 -0500 From: Michael Sullivan Subject: Adventures In Zegersland - Pt. 9DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story. It does not represent the true life stories of any of the actors portrayed within. Acts of gay sex between teen males is depicted in this story. If you are offended by this, you should LEAVE NOW!AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the 9th edition of a story which I began three years ago. The original story line was titled "Kevin's Awakening." It has 14 chapters of it's own that are part of this directory. If you have started to read this story from the current 8 chapters, I suggest that you read first of the original chapters. I will re-introduce a character from the beginning story in new chapters very soon. ADVENTURES IN ZEGERSLAND - Part 9 About 6:30, the Jacksons, Ben, Ryan, Bradley & Jon came back up to the house from the beach. "It's pretty quiet in here," Jonathan remarked, "I wonder if Kevin & Andy are still sleeping?" Ryan replied, "I bet they wore themselves out from fuckin' each other silly!" Jonathan gave Ryan a look of disapproval, and heaed off toward the bedrooms to check on the guys. Opening their door, he found them in each others arms, softly dozing under the sheets. "Hey, guys," he called out to the boys, just loud enough to rouse them, "I wanted to see how you're doing." Kevin rose up, propping himself on an elbow so he could see over Andy. "We're OK, just crashin' for a while - Andy was pretty beat from his match," he replied. Andy hadn't yet awoken. "Richard and I are going out to get some dogs, burgers, munchies and sodas - we're gonna have a grill-out and a bonfire on the beach later," Jonathan said. "Sounds great," Kevin replied, "we'll both be there in a little while." After Jonathan left, Kevin leaned over, taking in all of Andy. He began to kiss his soft skin at the shoulders, then worked his way down Andy's pecs & nips, continuing on toward his tummy. Andy stirred at the feeling of Kevin's lips on his chest, feeling ticklish as Kevin played the skin of his abs and pecs. "Like what you see?" he asked. "Yes, definitely," Kevin said. Andy pulled Kevin close, and they locked lips. "I feel a lot better after that shower & nap - thanks for staying with me," Andy said. "There is no place I would rather be than here with you," replied Kevin, returning Andy's kiss. Andy could hear the other guys stirring in the great room. "So, should see what's goin' on with the rest of the guys?", Andy asked. "Yeah, probably so, before Ryan comes bustin' in here!" Kevin replied. The boys embraced once more, then got up to dress. Kevin filled in Andy about the plans for the evening while they dressed. Minutes later, they joined their roommates. "Well, about time you two LOVEBIRDS decided to get up!" exclaimed Ryan. "Jealous?" Kevin replied, giving Andy's cheek a kiss. "WOOOO!", they all hooted at the pair. "O stop," Andy replied. "So, when do we eat, I'm starved!' "Just as soon as Jonathan & Richard get back with the grub," said Ben. Naked Lolita Toplist The boys occupied themselves playing "Madden NFL2000" on the playstation. A short while later, the Jacksons got back & announced, "Anyone who doesn't help us unload the car doesn't get to eat!" Like a flash of lightning, the other six boys made a beeline for the LandRover. Richard had bought a couple cords of firewood for the bonfire. Everyone grabbed something out of the car and brought it up to the house. After icing down a couple of coolers full of soda & food, the boys made for the beach. Ben and Richard made two small fires for cooking. In addition to the burgers and dogs, they had some ears of corn to roast, and a skillet of macaroni & cheese. After a nice dinner, Ryan and Jonathan started building up the cordwood for the bonfire. Andy and Kevin spread a blanket nearby, & lay down to watch them as they built up a nice pyramid with the stacked wood. "God, Kev," said Andy, "I wish we'd be able to be have some Naked Lolita Toplist more time like this with each other," tracing his finger across Kevin's cheek. "It gets lonely sometimes, and.....," his voice trailed off as a tear was forming and his voice choked, "I just really want to be with you." Kevin had not seen Andy cry before, & did his best to keep his composure. "Sshh," he whispered, wiping the tear from Andy's cheek. "Please don't cry," Kevin said, gently. "I was waiting to tell you this, but I have a surprise for you!" he continued. "I spoke with my parents a little while ago, and they said since I don't start shooting on my TV project for a few months, that it was OK for me to stay with you for a while on the tour!" "You did that for ME?" exclaimed Andy "god, I love you!" giving Kevin a bear hug. Ryan saw the commotion, and pointed it out to the other guys, and they chanted in unison, "GET A ROOM!" "Now you know why I wanted to tell you later on," laughed Kevin. Andy didn't let the guys' hooting at them bother him, he was too excited over what Kevin had told him. He kissed Kevin and took him by the hand over to the fire. "So, what's up with you two," asked a curious Richard. "Can I tell them?" Andy asked, breathlessly. "Of course," replied Kevin. "Kevin's gonna stay with me for a while on the tour!" Andy answered. "That is GREAT guys, I guess that makes you officially an item," replied Richard "I hope it's as good for you as it is with Ben & I." The other guys nodded their agreement, even Ryan, who figured he had razzed the guys enough, & hoped to have what they had someday himself. They all sat around the fire for a while, having some snacks & soda, taking in the stars in the dark skies above. The next morning, after some juice & cereal, the boys headed off for the beach for some surfing. Andy didn't have to play again until the next Naked Lolita Toplist day, and was looking forward to some fun in the sun with all of the guys. He didn't know how to surf, but Kevin & Ryan said they would teach him. Everyone piled into the LandRover, & they headed off to the nearby surfshop. They had to rent boards for Andy, Jon, Bradley and Kevin. Kevin had brought his wetties, as had the Jacksons, Ben & Ryan so the other guys had to get those as well. After procuring the gear, the teens headed back to the beach. All of them drew looks from some local girls as they stripped off their t-shirts and shorts to put on their wet suits. The other five guys started hitting the waves, as Kevin and Ryan prepared to give Andy a lesson. The weather was perfect & the waves not too high, so the guys didn't have much trouble teaching Andy how to get balance on his board. His athleticism, plus strong legs and feet were good assets. Before long, he was able to stay up, and caught his first wave. "This is way cool, guys, I don't know how to thank you for teaching me," he said. "Teach us how to hit a 120 mile-per-hour serve," replied Ryan. Andy replied, "we'll see," and the boys paddled out to try some more waves. Ryan and Kevin were both excellent surfers, as they too had strong legs from their own athletic endeavors. Andy loved to watch them, & hoped to be as good as they were someday himself. Meanwhile, a group of young Aussie teens had come into the surf near them. A tall, darkhaired member of the group paddled up. "You'al teachin' this dude to surf?" he asked them as he pointed at Andy. "Yep, that's right," replied Ryan. "Well stay the hell out of our way, tourists!" he replied, paddling off to re-join his mates. "Not very friendly, that bunch," said Kevin, glad that Ryan for once not replied with a smart comeback. Everything was fine for a while, until a big wave pushed Andy away from Kevin & Ryan and toward the Aussies. He tried to get out of the way, but he crossed into the path of one of the guys, wiping them both out. Andy and the Aussie teen recovered, as Ryan, Kevin & the other Aussies were paddling up. "You guys OK?" Ryan asked them. "Yeah," the both said together. "I am sorry for wiping you out, man," Andy said as he extended his hand to the teen he had run into. But the dark-haired boy who had approached them earlier slapped Andy's hand away and confronted him. "I TOL' YOU FUCKIN' TOURISTS TO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM US!", getting in Andy's face and shoving him away. "HEY!", yelled Kevin, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM DUDE!", coming to defend his boyfriend. Without warning, the angry guy cold-cocked Kevin in the jaw, and shouted "YOU ARE!" as he knocked Kevin out. As this took place, a large wave swept over the gathered throng of teens, & Kevin slid off his board into the water. The force of the surf grabbed he & his board, dragging Kevin into the undertow and away from all the rest. Andy recovered from being hit by the wave, but was startled as he looked about and didn't see Kevin. "KEVIN! MY GOD! WHERE IS KEVIN!", he screamed. Andy flipped off of his board & dove frantically into the water, hoping to pull his boyfriend to safety. His other housemates arrived on the scene, coming over to see what all the commotion had been about. Everyone had now abandoned their boards and had dove below the surface. But there was no sign of Kevin. Andy was hysterical. "I'VE GOT TO FIND HIM! KEVIN! KEVIN!!!!!" he screamed, the other boys calling out as well. Suddenly, one of the Aussie teens saw a board pop up near the shore. "I THINK I SEE HIM!" he yelled to the rest. Ryan & Bradley were the closest, & swam madly toward the board, the other boys following behind them. Bradley reached the board and dove down. Grabbing the attached cord, he followed it until he reached Kevin who was still hooked to the other end. He got the unconcious boy under the arms & pushed him up to the surface. "I'VE GOT HIM!" he yelled as his face broke water. Ryan immediately grabbed one of Kevin's arms, as he and Bradley dragged the teen to the beach. Jonathan reached the beach just after them, and Richard called out "CALL 911 - MY CELL IS IN MY GYMBAG!" The boys could see a beach patrol jeep, but it was about a half-mile away and moving away from them. Jonathan reached in the bag, grabbing the phone & dialing. "This is 911 Emergency - how may I assist you?" said the operator. "WE NEED ASSISTANCE - MY FRIEND WENT UNDERWATER AND HE'S UNCONCIOUS!" Jonathan yelled. "What is your location, sir?" inquired the operator. 'WE"RE AT NORTH BEACH AT CAPE RINGOON - PLEASE HELP US!!!" he intoned frantically. "I'm contacting the Beach Patrol now sir, they'll be with you in a moment." she answered. Just then, the siren on the patrol jeep began to wail, it's driver turning and speeding back towards them. Bradley & Ryan laid Kevin on his back. Andy came running, pushing his way past the others, yelling, "OUTTA MY WAY, I KNOW CPR!" Ryan grabbed Andy as he got to Kevin, trying to calm him down. "I know it too - we'll do it together!" as they knelt next to the prone boy. Andy gently tilted Kevin's head back and checked his airway. Seeing no obstructions, he began giving mouth-to-mouth. After 3 breaths, he pulled off so Ryan could give him chest compressions. They switched off again, working feverishly to revive Kevin. Andy was giving mouth-to-mouth again as two Beach Patrol Lifeguard/EMT's arrived on scene. "Let us take over now boys," one of them instructed. Andy & Ryan relented but Andy stayed just above Kevin's head. "PLEASE KEVIN, BREATHE!!!", Andy exhorted, succoming to his emotions and crying, "PLEASE, GOD, DON"T LET HIM DIE!" as Ryan held the sobbing teenager. The EMT's continued the CPR, and after a few more compressions, Kevin convulsed, spitting water from his mouth. The guards turned his head to the side to let the water run out. One of them yelled to Ben "Get me that oxygen tank!", which Ben picked up and ran to them. The Naked Lolita Toplist EMT's sat Kevin upright, one of them looking into his eyes, & speaking. "We're going to give oxygen, don't try to talk - just breath deep." From a medbag, the other EMT brought out his stethoscope, listening to Kevin's heart and lungs. Naked Lolita Toplist "He's got a good rythym, and his lungs sound clear." Ryan held Andy close trying his best to comfort the frightened boy, silently thanking God for not allowing Kevin to die. About ten minutes later, the EMT took Kevin off the oxygen. "How do you feel, son?" he asked. "OK, sir, just shaken up a bit," Kevin replied. The other EMT was treating some cuts and abrasions around Kevin's feet and ankles, received from all the coral his body had been thrown into by the undertow. Fortunately, he hadn't been cut in the face or hands, & his wetsuit had protected his body. Kevin winced as the EMT sprayed his cuts with a disinfectant. "Not too bad mate - they'll hurt like hell for a few days, but you don't need stitches," he said. "You're damn lucky though, that these guys here know CPR," pointing to Andy and Ryan. The EMT's stood up and allowed Andy and Ryan to sit next to their friend. They both hugged him, holding on and thanking the EMT's for their work. "Now, then," the first EMT turned to the rest of the boys and spoke, "Who will tell me what happened here?" The dark- haired teen spoke up, "It was my fault sir, I hit him," he stated, clearly shaken up at what had taken place. "Ah, Jack, I might have known - we've had trouble with you & your troup before - off into the jeep with you!", pointing Jack in the direction of the patrol vehicle. "And any of the rest of you who witnessed this stay here - I will need some statements," he continued. The second EMT spoke with Ryan and Andy. "Are you guys staying vacationing nearby?" Andy spoke, replying, "Yes sir, at that house just above the dune," The lifeguard continued, "All right then, I think your friend here is going to be OK. I will let you take him back to the house, but I want you to stay there with him for a little while and keep him awake. He looks like he has no head injuries, besides his jaw. I don't think he needs to go to the hospital but I'll be by in about three hours after my shift is over to check him again." Showing some relief, Andy replied, "We'll do as you say, sir!" thanking him again for saving his boyfriend. "Call 911 if he shows any sign of blurred vision or dizziness. A hot bath and some warm food would be good also" the EMT added.***********************************************NEXT: Chapter 10 - Kevin's Recovery Likes? Dislikes? Suggestions? e-mail me at:
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